ask-your-lender questions you should know

  • Will you search for the lowest rate and terms for me by any lender? 
  • Are you a direct lender,
  • mortgage broker or mortgage banker?
  • Do you offer a fixed rate loan?
  •  Do you offer an adjustable rate loan?
  •  Do you offer a second mortgage?
  •  Tell me about your first time buyer programs.
  • What are points?
  • What do they do and how much do they cost?
  •  What are the costs involved in getting a loan?
  •  What is the benefit to me to work with you? 
  • What are the steps involved in the loan process? 
  • Is there a prepayment penalty with the loan that I will be getting? 
  • How much is the prepayment penalty?
  •  Can I get an Interest Rate Lock in writing?
  • How long does it last? 
  • If I got an Adjustable Rate Mortgage, what is the initial interest and what is the cap or margin between the initial and maximum interest rates?
  • What is the best loan for my real estate plans?
  • Please browse our website for listings,
  • reports and important local real estate information for questions.
  • Realty Elite Group Team agents are fluent in English and Spanish,
  • Our Team philosophy has been focusing on the Client instead of the commission.
  • that has served our Team and our clients Well.
  • To work with an Elite and highly successful team of skilled experienced Brokers and Realtors.
    WHO will respond to your request quickly.
    Email us, or Call Toll-Free-866- 918-6111 Direct: 951-231-7377 TODAY!
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