• before-you-purchase a home or condo in California.
  • What to do Before You Buy a Home or Condo
  • Consult A California Realtor®, Then Your Lender
  • For most people, buying a home is a big investment.
  • Buying the right home takes a lot of work.
  • Buyers are encouraged to talk to your Realtor® first.
  • They are your biggest ally in the home buying process.
  • They know who the best lenders are in the mortgage industry.
  • Plus, real estate is a relationship business.
  • People who make a commitment to become a Realtor® do so with good intentions.
  • They like working with people and focus on helping them buy a home that meets the buyer’s goals first.
  • Realty Elite Group We recommend to build a relationship with someone that has the experience that you need for this type of real estate investment.
  • The agents on our team are trained to take a consulting approach to real estate that focuses on listening to you.
  •  We will tell the truth about the real estate market and answer any questions you may have.
  • Selecting the Right Professional to Assist You After meeting or talking to a Realtor®, ask them for the name and number of a mortgage professional for your loan.
  • When you talk to a lender ahead of time to help them get focused on what you can afford and what the monthly payment will be.
  • Then, shopping for a home is easier.
  • As real estate professionals we cannot, by law,
  • accept any financial compensation from a lender, escrow company or home inspector for referring them a client.
  • So, when we refer you to one of these professionals it is because we know that they have done a great job for our clients.
  • You can use one of our happy vendors or select your own.
  • The choice is always up to you.
  • To work with an Elite and highly successful team of skilled experienced Brokers and Realtors.
    WHO will respond to your request quickly.
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