choosing-a-lender and finding the best interest rate that will help you accomplish your real estate goals that are important to you is very important.
Whether this purchase is your first home or second, choosing the right mortgage professional can make a big difference.

Online Mortgage Company or Referral from a RealtorĀ®

Some of the online mortgage companies can offer you a quick fix and instant loan but most people prefer meeting or talking to a loan professional in person or over the phone.
Discuss with your lender your financial situation, your real estate plans and what monthly payment would work best for you.
Then, they can review your credit, income and debts to give you different mortgage options.
When choosing the mortgage professional, make sure you are comfortable with them.
Do you understand the terms of your mortgage fully?
These are the important things that should build confidence in your mortgage broker.
How do you find the best mortgage broker or professional to trust?
Ask your RealtorĀ®.
They know who is good based upon how they treat their clients.
RealtorsĀ® do not receive any compensation from the mortgage professionals that they refer to you.
They want you to work with a lender that can be trusted.

Realty Elite Group Team agents are fluent in English and Spanish,
Our Team philosophy has been focusing on the Client instead of the commission. that has served our Team and our clients Well.

To work with an Elite and highly successful team of skilled experienced Brokers and Realtors. WHO will respond to your request quickly. Email us, or Call Toll-Free-866- 918-6111 Direct: 951-231-7377 TODAY!

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